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Root Canal Infection and Potential Disease

Hey people,

I was talking to Dr. Dmitry Stoniviski, he is an endodontist at Cleveland Regional Medical Center and he told me about a patient who was diagnosed with mouth cancer from a bad root canal infection he had in the past.

See, a lot of people think their mouth healthy is not something to worry about and sometimes spend a fortune on body meds, exercises, healthy food but just forget that they should take care of their bodies as a whole.

Root canals are serious business. Over 20.000 people died in the past 3 years in the US because of root canal related issues. Remember to choose a dentist that has background and know what he is doing. It’s always good to understand the procedure you are going to go through so ask him several questions, do not walk away with any doubts.

Follow his recommendations carefully and precisely. Almost 80% of people who end up needing retreatments only need it because they didn’t care about their post surgery time. Give your body the time it needs to heal, it’s really important.

Some of the main causes for root canal infections are:

  • Popping the operated tooth with fingers and toothpicks;
  • Eating dry or hard types of food;
  • Not cleaning it properly;
  • Not brushing it as stated by your dentist.

Visit your dentist at least once every two months and if you have any doubts about Root Canal Infections, there’s a very detailed article here.